Organic traffic – 7 strategies to increase the number of visitors

February 10, 2023

Every website owner pursues a certain goal with it. Information is to be conveyed or products are to be sold. In order for the project to be successful, the page must appear as high as possible in the search results. If it is listed only on the second page of the search results, the visitors will stay away. To avoid such problems, the website must be optimized. Only then will it achieve high organic traffic. There are several strategies available to achieve this goal. If you are not sure, we will be happy to help you.

Use long-tail keywords

Finding the right keywords often poses a big challenge. They must meet three different requirements. Keywords must fit the offered products and target group. In addition, they should be aligned with the respective intention of the prospects. For example, if someone enters individual search terms, they usually do not have concrete purchase intentions, but rather want to get more information about the topic. However, to increase organic traffic, so-called long-tail keywords are better suited. These are keyword phrases. To determine these, professional tools can be used. If you have problems with this, we are happy to help you increase organic traffic on your website with appropriate keyword phrases.

Optimize meta data

Meta data is very important for the success of a website. In particular, the title and the description are important criteria. These are referred to as the Meta-Title and Meta-Description. Although it may sound a little banal, creating a title and a description of the page. However, the title is one of the important ranking factors with Google. The description does not directly affect the ranking. However, it is decisive whether the page is called up or not. That’s why it’s important for the webmaster to take some time and create the meta-tags carefully.

Website design

To get more organic traffic, an appealing design of the website is very important. If a user calls up a page and finds it unappealing, they usually leave it right away. If they only spend a short time on the website and do not perform any further interaction, the visit is referred to as the bounce rate. A high bounce rate leads to a devaluation of the page. This causes it to lose a few places in the ranking. The lower it sinks, the fewer visitors come. That’s why an appealing design is very important.

This includes that both text and graphical or multimedia content are located on the page. Texts should be relaxed by headings, paragraphs and lists, so that an overview is always maintained. Visitors to websites are always very busy. Due to the existing information flood, they want to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Thus, a well-structured website is necessary.

Optimize link building

Linking is also enormously important for the ranking of a website. This includes internal and external linking. Internal linking is important so that visitors can always find their way around and get to the subpage they are looking for at any time. In highly nested pages with multiple levels, it is beneficial to set up a breadcrumb navigation. This facilitates navigation to a considerable extent.

External linking is about outbound and inbound links. The incoming links are called backlinks. They come from other websites that do not directly have anything to do with your own site. It is especially important that the backlinks come from high quality websites. Link building is mostly a lengthy affair. We can help you to get suitable inbound links. These are an important ranking factor. Therefore, they are of great importance for the success of the web project.

Optimizing the loading speed

Besides content marketing, some technical aspects also play important roles for more visitors on the website. In particular, the so-called page speed. This refers to the loading speed. As soon as a user calls up the URL of a website, it builds up. The content is loaded from the server to the PC or to a mobile device. This process should be as fast as possible. If it takes too long, most users abort and look for another website. It doesn’t matter what the topic of the website is. The competition is enormous. Therefore, no user has to be annoyed by a slow page load. But how can this be accelerated?

There are several aspects that have an impact on the loading speed. Fast hosting is particularly important. With many web hosts, numerous webmasters have to share a memory. This already delays the data flow somewhat. Directly on the website, however, there are also some things that can be considered. Especially images consist of large amounts of data. Therefore, it is important to reduce their size and convert them to modern formats.

Depending on the content management system, there are other brakes. These include plug-ins, animations or various gimmicks that increase the data volume and thus lead to delayed page loading. Loading speed has become a very important ranking factor. This can even result in an optimally designed website only receiving a low ranking because the loading time is too high.

Optimize the website for mobile devices

Meanwhile, more than half of all users surf with mobile devices. Therefore, the motto since the last update of Google is “mobile first”. The webmaster must therefore create a responsive design or program two different websites on the same topic. One version is created for PC and laptops and a second one is for tablets and smartphones. Working with a responsive design means less effort. However, not every website can be optimized for mobile devices in this way. Among other reasons, this is because PC monitors are more suited to displays in landscape format, while smartphone displays are more oriented toward portrait format. Therefore, in numerous cases, it is necessary to create two different versions of the website.

Designing a barrier-free web presence

Accessibility also plays a major role in the area of the Internet. This includes, among other things, that the font can be enlarged without the formatting suffering as a result. Graphic elements should definitely be provided with so-called alt tags. These not only serve the bots for indexing, but they are useful for people with visual impairments. These mostly use screen readers to have the content read aloud. For images, the alternative text is then read aloud. Therefore, the person knows what is on the image.

To sum up, having a well-optimized website is crucial in order to achieve the desired goals and attract organic traffic. By using long-tail keywords, optimizing meta-data, and having an appealing design, website owners can improve their search engine ranking and attract more visitors. If you need help with optimizing your website, we are here to assist you.